Poke vs. Sushi. What’s the Difference?

Poke, a Hawaiian classic, has made its way all around the world! If you’re looking for the best poke in St. Louis, look no further than PokeDoke! At PokeDoke, we provide our customers with the freshest poke. If you are new to poke and not sure how it’s different from sushi, don’t worry, we are here to help.


What is Poke?

Poke originated in Hawaii and continues to be one of the islands’ most popular dishes. 

Traditional poke is diced raw fish marinated with soy sauce and sesame oil served either as an appetizer or a main course. As a main course, poke is served over rice with various toppings and drizzles. Today, there are many variations of poke including chicken, shrimp, and tofu. If you are a poke lover or looking to try poke for the first time, you must stop by PokeDoke for the best St. Louis poke


Poke vs. Sushi Similarities

Many people refer to poke bowls as deconstructed sushi bowls, and they are not wrong. Poke and sushi are both dishes that feature raw fish. Popular protein choices for poke and sushi include tuna, salmon, and shrimp. Furthermore, both dishes include sushi rice, and poke is often topped with ingredients you would typically find in a sushi roll. 


Poke vs. Sushi Differences

Though there are a few similarities between poke and sushi, there are several differences as well. To start, poke is a traditional Hawaiian dish, while sushi is a traditional Japanese dish. There is also a difference in the preparation of the fish. In poke, the fish is cut into small cubes and marinated in various seasonings. In sushi, the fish is thinly sliced and often served with a small amount of soy sauce and wasabi. 

Whether you are a sushi lover or a poke lover, these two dishes have more in common than you might think. We provide our customers with some of the best Hawaiian food in St. Louis, and our poke is a dish you do not want to miss! We can’t tell you where to find the best sushi in St. Louis, but we know where the best poke is. No need to search “poke bowls near me” when your next craving hits: Just head right on over to PokeDoke!

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