Poke, Boba, and BBQ. Oh my!

Here at PokeDoke, we do so much more than just poke!  Now don’t get us wrong, we are St. Louis’ original poke restaurant and we do have delicious and fresh poke bowls. But we also have a lot more to offer!  So next time you’re looking for Hawaiian food near the Delmar Loop, BBQ near Kirkwood, or boba tea near the Central West End, look no further than PokeDoke. 



Let’s start with the classics: Our poke bowls. We have a handful of signature bowls available, like our spicy Volcano Bowl and brand-new Cali Bowl. Or you can build your own bowl!  You can choose the base, poke, sauce, mix-ins, toppings, and drizzle that sound best to you to make a delicious custom creation. 


If you like sushi, you’ll love poke!  Poke also traditionally contains raw fish (although we have plenty of cooked and non-seafood options as well) with rice, veggies, and savory sauces or drizzles. At PokeDoke, our offerings range from salmon to tempura shrimp to octopus poke bowls. 


So if you spend your weekends frequenting sushi restaurants around St. Louis, consider switching things up and coming by PokeDoke for your next meal!  You won’t be disappointed. 



Moving on to some of the other tasty and exciting menu offerings we have. Your meal wouldn’t be complete without a boba tea to sip on alongside your food. Non-dairy boba tea, or bubble tea, is available in a variety of flavors at PokeDoke. If you find yourself in St. Louis craving some boba, why not swing by for a honeydew milk tea or lychee fruit tea? 



Full of flavor, saucy, and tangy, our Hawaiian BBQ is not to be missed. Like poke bowls, our barbecue is Hawaiian in origin.  We have two Hawaiian BBQ offerings available at all our St. Louis restaurant locations: barbecue chicken and Kalbi shortribs. 


Plus, all our Hawaiian BBQ plates come with rice and macaroni salad on the side, making for a well-rounded and filling lunch or dinner! 

So if you want a great poke bowl, PokeDoke is your spot.  But if you’re looking for something different, we can help you out there too!  Visit us in the Central West End, Delmar Loop, or Kirkwood seven days a week for all kinds of delicious fusion food that will leave your mouth watering. 

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