Hawaiian BBQ Plate

What Makes Hawaiian BBQ Special

What Makes Hawaiian BBQ Special


Have you heard of Hawaiian BBQ?  Its popularity worldwide hasn’t quite reached that of poke bowls, but it is just as delicious.  Another great food that originated in Hawaii, this type of BBQ is saucy, tangy, and absolutely delectable.  PokeDoke is one of the few restaurants serving up Hawaiian BBQ in St. Louis. Here are just a few of the things that set Hawaiian BBQ apart and make it so special. 


  1. Hawaiian BBQ dates back hundreds of years 

The New York Times dates the cuisine all the way back to the 1800s.  Back then, Hawaiian plantation workers would eat rice along with whatever meat they could find to survive. 


From this tradition was born the Hawaiian BBQ plates you can find in hole-in-the-wall restaurants and roadside stands all over Hawaii. And now, Hawaiian BBQ has been spreading across the globe as well.  


  1. Hawaiian BBQ: Sweet, tangy, and tropical 

There are any number of flavors that barbecue can include.  Sometimes it’s sweet, sometimes it’s more spicy, sometimes it can best be described as savory.  Hawaiian BBQ in particular tends to be sweet and tangy.  This is true of the Hawaiian BBQ dishes at PokeDoke.  


One of the major ways Hawaiian BBQ differs from other forms is that it includes tropical flavors. Pineapple and other citrus fruits often appear in the flavor profile.  It is like the island-influenced version of a traditional Southern barbecue.  


  1. Three cheers for Kalbi 

Kalbi, or Korean Beef Short Ribs, are a major part of Hawaiian BBQ, especially here at PokeDoke.  These shortribs are bursting with flavor and are an absolute must-try if you’re new to Hawaiian BBQ. 


  1. East Asian influence 

As is suggested by the point above, East Asian cuisine is a big influence in many Hawaiian BBQ dishes.  Much Hawaiian food shares similarities with East Asian food, especially in the ingredients used.  This holds true for Hawaiian BBQ as well. Especially in dishes like the Kalbi shortribs, you can taste the East Asian influence. 


  1. Don’t forget about the side dishes 

No barbecue plate would be complete without irresistible sides! Just like the meat-and-three barbecue plates you may be familiar with, Hawaiian BBQ is also usually accompanied by tasty side dishes. PokeDoke serves up a hearty serving of rice and macaroni salad along with all our Hawaiian BBQ entrees. 


  1. Brings the vacation to you 

There’s no denying it: Vacations to Hawaii can be incredibly expensive.  Enjoying Hawaiian BBQ may be the closest you’re able to get to the islands this year.  Luckily, these barbecue dishes really do reflect the flavors of the islands.  So while you’re digging into Hawaiian BBQ Chicken or Kalbi Shortribs, it’s like the vacation has come to you! Hawaii can meet you right here in St. Louis. 


Pay a visit to PokeDoke today to experience Hawaiian BBQ for yourself.  We have St. Louis restaurant locations in the Central West End, Delmar Loop, and Kirkwood. 

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