What Is a Loco Moco? Our Newest Menu Addition

We love loco moco!  The newest menu item at our Hawaiian restaurant is sure to delight your taste buds and leave you feeling like you’re on an island.

What is Loco Moco?

Loco moco is a popular Hawaiian BBQ dish that can come in many variations.  The most traditional version of loco moco includes a base of white rice that is topped with a hamburger patty, a sunny-side up fried egg, and smothered with brown gravy.

Loco Moco at PokeDoke

Sounds delicious, right?  Luckily, loco moco is now available at PokeDoke! It is the newest addition to our growing Hawaiian BBQ menu, part of our efforts to bring the flavors of the islands right to St. Louis. We craft our loco moco, and all our Hawaiian cuisine, with care from the first scoop of rice to the gravy and garnishes.

Hawaiian BBQ Favorites at PokeDoke

In addition to loco moco, we’re serving up other delectable Hawaiian BBQ dishes at PokeDoke all year round! Our Kalbi Shortribs and BBQ Chicken both pack a flavor punch and are flame-grilled to perfection. 

And it wouldn’t be right to do Hawaiian BBQ without sides!  Our barbecue options are accompanied by white rice and traditional macaroni salad. 

Visit any of our St. Louis locations for a scrumptious and authentic Hawaiian restaurant experience! From loco moco to ribs to poke bowls, PokeDoke is your one-stop shop for Hawaiian food in STL

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