The Rise of Mochi Donuts

Mochi donuts are one of those trendy foods that have been taking the world by storm in the last few years. Whether you’ve had the chance to try these sweet treats or not, there’s probably still a lot you don’t know about them.  Here’s the lowdown on mochi donuts, where they came from, and just what makes them so irresistible. 


Where it All Began

One of the first iterations of the mochi donut can be traced back to Hawaii in 1992. A woman named Charmaine Ocasek developed “poi mochi” which was a fusion of the American donut and Japanese mochi. In 2003, the Japanese donut company, Mister Donut, released the “pon de ring” which was a ring of eight connected small donut balls. The “pon de ring” was the influence for the mochi donut’s shape, though the “pon de ring” did not include the same ingredients as a mochi donut. This donut shape was popularized in Japan before spreading to Hawaii. Soon the combination of “poi mochi” and the “pon de ring” shape became the official mochi donut. 


Ingredients and Flavor

As mentioned before, mochi donuts are a combination of the American donut and Japanese mochi. The hybrid batter creates a moist and fluffy texture with a satisfying chew. The main ingredients in mochi donuts are tapioca or rice flour. Some recipes call for all purpose flour as well. Other typical ingredients include eggs, baking powder, corn starch, and granulated sugar. Mochi donuts made with tapioca flour are easy to pull apart whereas those made with rice flour tend to be more on the dense side. Mochi donuts made with rice flour usually contain half the amount of calories as the standard American donut. 


PokeDoke’s Mochi Donuts

After learning about mochi donuts don’t you want to give them a try? If you’re looking for mochi donuts in St. Louis, PokeDoke is the spot! With a wide variety of flavors that rotate every day, you’ll never get tired of these chewy perfections! Our flavors include marble, strawberry, matcha, chocolate, black sesame, peanut butter cup, Oreo, and so many more! Mochi donuts are the perfect mixture of crispy and chewy textures paired with endless toppings. There is no doubt that these sweet treats will leave you wanting more! Visit any of PokeDoke’s 3 St. Louis-area locations to try mochi donuts for yourself. 

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