Our Favorite Poke & Boba Pairings!

Poke + boba = summertime perfection!  For a light, tasty, and satisfying meal that’s ideal for summer, look no further than the winning combination of a poke bowl and boba tea. Here are a few of our favorite combinations of poke and boba to try on your next visit to PokeDoke.

From The Sea: Shrimptastic Bowl & Mango Boba

If you’re looking for a tropical vacation for your taste buds, this is the combination for you!  Our Shrimptastic bowl features all kinds of seafood goodness including shrimp, tempura shrimp, and crabmeat. Pair this shrimptastic sensation with a fruity, tropical boba tea and you’ll feel like you’re on an island vacation.

From The Land: King Maui Moa Bowl & Taro Boba

How about a chicken poke bowl instead? The King Maui Moa includes sweet Asian glazed chicken and flavorful toppings like pineapple and green onions. It’s a great poke bowl to wash down with a colorful cup of bubble tea. Taro boba is an awesome selection for a sweet and nutty boba tea in St. Louis.

For Some Spice: Volcano Bowl & Chocolate Boba

If you want to kick things up a notch, a Volcano Bowl plus a chocolate boba will do the trick. With everything from spicy tuna to wasabi mayo, the Volcano Bowl is not messing around. Add in a rich and creamy boba tea to balance out the spice and you’re ready to go. High-powered flavor is the name of the game with this poke and boba combination. 


These are just a few of the signature selections you can choose from at our STL poke restaurant. If you’re feeling inspired, you can also build your own poke bowl, selecting from a range of toppings and mix-ins to craft your perfect bowl.  Whether you choose one of these tasty poke and boba pairings or make your own, there’s nothing quite like boba tea and a poke bowl on a hot St. Louis summer day! 

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