How To Order Poke Like A Pro

Are you a poke pro?  Here at PokeDoke, we welcome everyone through our doors, from Hawaiian cuisine aficionados to those trying poke in St. Louis for the very first time.  Whether you’re new to poke or a long-time fan, here are some tips to help you order your next poke bowl like a pro. 

1. Set the Tone With Sauce

It all starts with the sauce.  Poke sauce can determine how your bowl is going to shape up: Do you like it spicy, or are you looking for something more mild? Another pro tip: The sauce tends to be full of flavor and sometimes can even seem overpowering. So if you’re new to poke, you might consider ordering the sauce on the side to start off.

2. Don’t Be Shy About Textures

When it comes to poke bowls, there are all different kinds of toppings and mix-ins you can choose from.  The best poke bowls will include a variety of flavors and textures. Don’t worry about combining too many different items.  The range of textures tends to add to a bowl, not detract from it.

3. Finish Strong With a Drizzle and Shakers

So you’ve chosen your base, your poke, your sauce, and the toppings and mix-ins you want to add. But don’t stop there!  Finish off your poke bowl with a drizzle and a shaker for some final oomph.  Here at PokeDoke, our drizzle options include everything from Sweet Thai Chili to Spicy Mayo to Ponzu.  And for shakers, choose between sesame seeds, furikake, and togarashi. These last extras can really take your poke bowl to the next level!

4. Try a Signature Bowl

If ordering at a poke restaurant still seems overwhelming, there’s no need to fear.  All the best poke restaurants have signature poke bowls you can choose from. These bowls have been crafted by experts and combine some of the best the restaurants have to offer.  The flavor combinations are tried and true, so you don’t have to worry about making the wrong choice or adding the wrong ingredients. At PokeDoke, we have a range of signature bowls.  There’s our classic, the PokeDoke Bowl, and other options like the spicy Volcano Bowl or the King Maui Moa Bowl for those who prefer chicken over seafood. 

So the next time you’re heading to a poke restaurant, keep these tips in mind to build your best poke bowl.  And when you’re looking for poke in St. Louis, head to any of our PokeDoke locations for the freshest Hawaiian cuisine around! 

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