Poke Bowl with Shrimp, Edamame, and Sesame Seeds

Our Favorite Poke and Boba Pairings

 Our Favorite Boba & Poke Pairings


No duo belongs together more than a poke bowl and boba tea. At PokeDoke, we serve only the best of the best poke and boba which is sure to leave you wanting more! With so many options to choose from we thought we’d share some of our favorite boba and poke pairings with you. 


A Salmon Bowl and Peach Fruit Tea

There is nothing like a classic salmon poke bowl to hit the spot. Our fresh salmon pairs beautifully with our peach fruit boba tea! The refreshing taste of peach after a flavorful bite of salmon is unbeatable. Though our fruit teas have a lighter flavor than our milk teas they provide a balance to our flavor-packed bowls. 


A Spicy Tuna Bowl and Thai Tea

Our spicy tuna is sure to bring the spice and with some Thai tea to wash it down, you’ll definitely be satisfied with your meal. Our spicy tuna is mild and fresh in flavor with a slightly spicy kick. Our Thai tea is quite the opposite with a pleasant and earthy flavor and a rich, sweet taste. Thai tea is great with spicy tuna because the sweetness of the tea cuts through the spice of the tuna. 


A Shrimp Bowl and Mango Milk Tea

Shrimp is a forever favorite at PokeDoke! Any bowl made with shrimp is absolutely delectable and the perfect partner for this bowl is mango milk tea! Our mango milk tea is both sweet and refreshing which pairs well with the simple flavor of the shrimp. We’re sure whatever toppings you put into your bowl are sure to make this partnership even better. 


A Tofu Bowl and Lychee Fruit Tea

One final boba and poke pairing we suggest is a tofu bowl with lychee fruit tea! Our tofu packs a punch and truly brings in some of the best flavors on our menu. Our lychee fruit tea is sweet with a slightly floral taste. Paired together, this duo is a true harmony of flavors. 


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