5 Reasons To Drink Boba Tea Today

Boba tea, or bubble tea, has been taking the world by storm in recent years.  It is all the rage, with bubble tea shops popping up all across St. Louis.  PokeDoke is a great spot to grab a bubble tea in the Central West End, Kirkwood, or Delmar Loop. Why should you jump on the bandwagon and take part in the bubble tea craze? Here are just a few reasons to drink boba tea.   

  1. It tastes delicious 

The most important reason to eat or drink anything, right? Bubble tea is tasty! It is usually composed of some type of tea, some type of milk, a sweetener, additional flavors, and tapioca pearls. It’s a flavorful treat that can be drunk any time of day.   

  1. Lots of flavors and varieties to choose from 

There is a type of boba tea for just about everyone out there! There are two main varieties of bubble tea: Milk teas and fruit teas.  And within each of these categories, there are countless flavors of bubble tea that can be created!    Here at PokeDoke, we have both milk teas and fruit teas available in a variety of flavors.  You can choose from options like strawberry, lychee, chocolate, taro, and jasmine tea. Plus our bubble tea is non-dairy so even more people can enjoy this tasty treat!   

  1. Health benefits 

Boba tea can be good for you too!  Milk provides calcium that helps strengthen your teeth and bones.  Tea also has a number of health benefits.  It can promote weight loss, improve digestive health, and potentially lower blood pressure or cholesterol.  Boba tea is a treat that you don’t have to feel bad about enjoying!   

  1. Perfect afternoon pick me up 

Whether you’re hard at work in the office or running around doing errands, sometimes you just need a pick me up to help you get through the day.  Bubble tea can be just that!  It’s sweet enough to kick any dessert cravings, and is a great way to boost your mood and power through the rest of your day.   

  1. Pairs well with poke 

And finally, a great reason to drink boba tea from PokeDoke in particular is how well it pairs with poke bowls and Hawaiian BBQ!  Choose your favorite bowl or barbecue platter, add your favorite bubble tea, and you will have a well-rounded and delicious meal. Boba tea and poke is a winning combination for lunch or dinner!     Be sure to stop by St. Louis’ original poke restaurant for a fresh and flavorful poke bowl plus a tasty boba tea.